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Here’s why you should use Aequitex

Fast access to liquidity

Don't wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers to pay their bills when you need the money immediately. Get liquidity today.

Start selling your invoices

Up to 99% of invoice amount

Get fast liquidity up to 99% of the invoice amount. You'll receive an accurate offer after uploading your invoice on the platform.

Start selling your invoices

Easy process, 100% online

We provide a simple online procedure to sell your receivables through our platform. If you still have questions, our online support will be happy to assist you.

Start selling your invoices

Transparent fee structure

When you have sold your first invoice successfully, we charge a small annual fee of CHF 240. After that, you can place as many invoices on the platform as you wish. When selling your invoice, an individual discount will be calculated and deducted from your payout amount, too. This fee is confirmed by you before your invoice is placed for sale on the marketplace.

Start selling your invoices

Aequitex vs. traditional finance

By leveraging the benefits of Aequitex, you can gain quick access to liquidity, receive a significant portion of your invoice amount, and enjoy a seamless online process.

Aequitex (factoring)

Financing without borrowing

Real Factoring

Takes minutes

Fully online

No hidden costs


Bank (credit or factoring)

Typically a line of credit

Company debt

Lengthy approval process

Branch visit necessary

Hidden costs

30 days

60 days

90 days

How it works

If you're looking to obtain liquidity for your invoices quickly, there are three straightforward steps you can follow to achieve that goal.

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Sign up and follow the simple and fast online verification process.

Upload invoice

Upload your invoice in PDF format. We evaluate and connect it with investors through our platform.

Get money

Once your invoice is sold, you will gain access to your funds.

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When will the money be transferred to my bank account?

Once your invoices are uploaded, approved and rated, they will be visible on the Aequitex platform for our buyers to fund. The rating, duration and other factors determine the 'attractiveness' of your invoice to potential buyers, or if they fit the parameters of our automatic buy-algorithm for investors. Once the invoice is sold, the funds are immediately available for withdrawal to your bank account.

Can I sell an unlimited number of invoices?

Yes, you can sell as many invoices as you like on the Aequitex platform. The prerequisite is that the company of the invoice seller and the company of the debtor have their domicile in Switzerland. However, for validation and fraud protection purposes, initial restrictions might be in place.

Who assumes the risk of default?

Aequitex offers two types of factoring: recourse and non-recourse. With the recourse option, the risk remains on the sell-side. This option requires a good credit rating for the seller and offers smaller discount rates when selling the invoice. With the non-recourse option, the invoice is fully sold along with all associated risks. Due to this added risk for the investor, they receive a premium, which results in a higher discount on your invoice.

Will I receive the full invoice amount?

Once your invoice is uploaded, rated and validated, a discount will be offered at which your invoice will be placed on the platform. This discount typically ranges between 1-10%. Therefore, when an investor buys the invoice, you can immediately withdraw 90-99% of the invoice amount to your bank account.

Will my customer get notified?

In the case of non-recourse factoring, where the risk is fully transferred to the buyer, the invoice needs to be validated with the debtor, and the credibility of the debtor determines the discount of the invoice. With the recourse option, factoring can be done 'silently' - without notifying the debtor. However, this option can only be offered if the seller himself has a good credit rating.

How high are the commission and fees?

All fees are individually determined based on the credit rating of the seller and debtor, payment terms, age of the invoice and other factors. Our proprietary, AI-powered algorithm constantly evaluates these factors to offer a competitive risk-reward ratio for investors and quickly provide SMEs with the liquidity they need.

The annual fee for sellers is 240 CHF (charged after the first invoice has been sold).
The discount for each invoice is individually calculated, typically ranging between 1% - 10%.
No other fees are applicable.

Pricing plans

Aequitex offers a comprehensive service for automating early payments

Invoice sellers

CHF 240

/ yearly fee

Invoice discount based on:

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    Seller risk rating

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    Debtor risk rating

  • icon check

    Invoice parameters (duration, payment terms, amount etc)

Total discounts range between 1,0% and 10%

The total discount consists of a flexible fee (0.75% - 1.5%) charged by Aequitex for the transaction and the yield for the investor who provides the liquidity.

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